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Our Farm

The Stannard Family 

We do more than just weddings, making our venue truly authentic. Vermont Natural Beef is our family run business, and we intend to keep it that way. Our Wedding Barn is coordinated by the oldest Stannard sibling, Abigale. And, with the help of the Benson community, we have continued to successfully run our farm for over a decade. Farming is something we do, weddings are what we love!


The Team:

Abigale Stannard - Manager of the Wedding Barn & House 

Sam Stannard – Farm Manager and Maintenance

Bob Stannard – Founder of Vermont Natural Beef LLC

Rob Proctor – Managing Member of Vermont Natural Beef 

Pati Beaumont – Hospitality & Landscaping 

Luke Stannard – Operations & Infrastructure

Mac Stannard – Landscaping & Maintenance 

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