About Our Team

Historic Kingston Place events and visits are coordinated by our manager Abigale Stannard and supported by a close knit group of friends and family.

Abigale's bio

Abigale has a passion for the hospitality / event planning industry. Growing up on a farm, she learned at an early age the ins and outs of hardwork and the farm to table mentality. At age 15, she began working at The Wheel Inn in Benson, Vermont. There, she experienced all aspects of the foodservice industry. Hired initially as a dishwasher, over the course of 6 non-consecutive years, she also served as a prep cook, waitress and, finally, bartender. After college and a few years of traveling and odd jobs, Abigale returned to The University of Vermont for a Masters of Education. While pursuing her second degree, she was employed at The Inn at Shelburne Farms as a waitress. It was there that she began to observe the parallels of Shelburne Farms initiative to that of her Father’s beef business. Abigale’s continual experience in both education and service provide the necessary perspective to coordinate and manage Kingston Place.

The rest of the team:

  • Bob Stannard – Founder and Managing Member of Vermont Natural Beef LLC (owner of Kingston Place). Bob stays on top of everything going on at Vermont Natural Beef and Kingston Place. Fortunately he has the stature to do so, he’s 6’8″ and an former UVM basketball player.
  • Rob Proctor – Managing Member of Vermont Natural Beef LLC (owner of Kingston Place). Rob does stuff like this website and takes on so many new projects that he is to blame for most of Bob’s grey hair!
  • Sam Stannard – Farm Manager. All around good guy, Sam keeps the whole show running.
  • Luke Stannard – Operations & Infrastructure. Luke makes stuff happen! He oversaw the wedding barn modifications and reconstruction.
  • Pati Beaumont – Pati lends a hand with hospitality and is sommelier at Kingston Place. Pati is also Bob’s wife.
  • Mac Stannard – Mac helps with wedding set up, take down. Ladies beware, Mac is also a possible “wedding crasher”.